We offer our high net worth customers with personalized services to ensure their banking needs are adequately met. Our offerings in this area are influenced by the knowledge that each customer is unique and special.

It is our pleasure to invite you to take advantage of our Private Banking service. We are committed to availing you with an exceptional banking experience.


International Funds Settlements

School Fees, Medical Bills, Life Insurance and Utility Bills and other FX transactions conveniently and with ease.

Exquisite lounges and meeting rooms

We have provided exquisite lounges and fully equipped meeting rooms with utmost serenity and privacy as part of our commitment to ensure you stay comfortable whilst we attend to your banking needs.

Safe Custody

Our safe custody service enables customers deposit important documents and prized possessions securely, protecting them from theft, natural disasters and other threats.


  • Current account
  • Salary account
  • GTSave account
  • GT Target account
  • SKS account
  • Fixed deposits
  • Domiciliary accounts

Credit facilities

  • Overdrafts
  • Guarantees
  • Time loans
  • Term loans
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