At Guaranty Trust Bank, it is passionately believed that Corporate Social Responsibility embodies an ardent commitment and social pact with all the stakeholders. Thus, the Bank is committed to creating enduring partnerships for sustainable development whilst adding immense value to the diverse communities in which it operates.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a key component of our business activities and to ensure optimum impact and sustainability, our CSR strategy focuses on four major pillars:

  1. Community Development
  2. Education
  3. Environment
  4. Health

We believe that giving back to the less privileged residents of our host communities is a prerequisite for the overall development of the country. Widely recognized as a responsible Corporate Citizen, a pace setter and industry leader, a significant part of the bank's annual earnings are committed towards supporting structures and initiatives. This belief has been a driving factor behind our support for various initiatives over the years.

Every day presents the opportunity to make history in Guaranty Trust Bank and in achieving this, we constantly evolve whilst consolidating our pride of place as a proudly African, truly international organization.

Corporate Social Responsibility is how we color the lives around us.

Sustainability is firmly embedded in the formation of Guaranty Trust Bank. As a first-class financial services provider with an internal obligation to comply with international best practices, our Bank has always ensured that its lending activities comply with international performance standards as well as applicable national economic, environmental and social regulations. This has helped us attract on-lending facilities from international finance institutions very early in our business.

Guaranty Trust Bank continues to build internal capacity in managing the economical, social and environmental aspects of its operations, guided by a comprehensive Project Sustainability Policy. We conduct environmental and social due diligence on major Credit requests, bench marking against the performance standards of reputable international finance institutions. This process provides a firm foundation upon which we identify new opportunities to grow our businesses, and gain competitive advantage in the marketplace. These performance standards also ensure our conduct influences our customers and other stakeholders positively. As our corporate strategic aspirations grow, we remain proudly African with an international outlook. We are committed to the creation of long term value for all our stakeholders by measuring not only the impact of our activities on the economies and communities where we operate but also the external environmental outcomes of transactions funded by our Bank. We will partner with our clients, customers, regulators and communities in analyzing our individual and collective economic, environmental and social risks with a view to avoiding or reducing adverse impacts.

The Bank is focused on adhering to Tanzanian’s social standards and practices towards ensuring significant contribution to the public welfare of its immediate community. This is evidenced by our pioneer graduate trainee corporate social responsibility event of 13th January 2017 at Mwananyamala hospital prior to commencement of operations.

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